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"I would highly recommend the Nanny consultants. After just one visit Alana gave me some great tips and by the second visit she completely changed my kids. My eight year old boy won't stop cleaning the house! If you're unsure, give Alana a call and see how she can help. You won't regret it!!! "

Rotorua, New Zealand


"Within 4 days we were able to get our baby into a routine that took me almost 3 years with my first child. My baby now sleeps happily through the night, consequently so do I, which gives me more energy."

Julia Gonzales | Sao Paulo, Brazil


The following testimonials relate to Alana's experience and expertise as a professional nanny working both in New Zealand and overseas.

"Alana has a wealth of experience with children that as a first time mother I have found invaluable. She has lots of great tricks up her sleeve when it comes to managing children and behaviours and I have learnt a great deal from her. Alana has been instrumental in teaching my daughter manners and helping her with sharing (which doesn't come naturally to her, believe me). I have appreciated the consistent way in which Alana has set rules for her and the firm but gentle manner in which Alana has applied them.

Alana is very happy to talk through things with you about your child and if called on offers really useful suggestions for dealing with behaviours, etc. Alana respects the way in which each family operates so any suggestions are given in a very gentle way. ..."

Auckland, New Zealand


"During her time with us, Alana had sole charge of our daughter so was responsible for caring for her from first thing in the morning until evening (or bedtime if she babysat in the evenings). Alana's role included all childcare duties ...

Alana is very caring and committed to the children in her charge. She forms positive relationships with children and genuinely enjoys their company. When our daughter was with Alana, we always felt comfortable and confident that she would be looked after, happy, and her needs paramount. ..."

Auckland, New Zealand


"Alana was tasked with caring for our daughter who was 5 months old when she met Alana. My husband and I were immediately at ease with Alana's capabilities, as she demonstrated kindness, respect and a high level of practical skills from the get-go ...

We believe Alana's greatest strength lies in her communication skill. Alana believed in keeping our daughter informed and talked to her as often as possible ...

We were grateful to Alana for her willingness to be flexible with our family's needs ..."

Auckland, New Zealand


"Alana began looking after our girls (ages 2 and 4.) The girls bonded with her immediately and from that time on we were thrilled to have found Alana.

I couldn't recommend Alana highly enough, she is very open and responsible and it was always reassuring to leave the house with her and the girls playing happily together ...

During our time with Alana, I met or spoke to several families that she had previously nannied for always with glowing recommendations, she keeps in touch with us and her past families which shows her dedication to the children ..."

Auckland, New Zealand


"Alana has been part of our family, working as a nanny for three and a half years. She started when our fist child, a son, was just two months old.

As you can imagine - first time parents, very nervous - we were anxious and leaving our child in the care of a nanny. Alana eased that anxiety considerably, with her responsible caring nature. It was with ease that she conscientiously cared for our newborn (-teaching my husband and I a lot along the way!) ...

Our children really love her and talk about her as though she is part of our family. Alana maintains a close relationship with them; however she is very considerate and would never try to 'replace' me as a mother ..."

Auckland, New Zealand


"Alana was a very loving, capable and caring nanny for our daughter quickly became very attached to her. She cared for our daughter like a good guardian and we always felt very comfortable leaving her in Alana's very able and experienced hands. She was very much in tune with our daughter's needs ... In tune with her nature, Alana managed to discipline her in a gentle manner. Alana is full of energy and enthusiasm and was quick and effective when looking after our daughter.

We have a very structured household and wanted a nanny who was live-in and flexible with our schedule. We found Alana to be very adaptable and flexible. She was always well composed and calm under stressful situations.

Alana has many admirable personal qualities too. She is absolutely trustworthy, honest and discrete, as well as being extremely reliable and punctunctual. Alana is someone you can always depend on ..."

London, United Kingdom


"Alana worked for us in the French Alps looking after our own two children and acting as nanny for our chalet company.

We have been completely satisfied with Alana in both roles. She was quick to establish an excellent relationship with our children and was happy to work within the routines we had established.

In her role as company nanny, Alana looked after many different children on a weekly basis. These were children of chalet guests who were out skiing ... she was a calm and reassuring prescence to young children who were away from their parents in a strange environment. All our guests whose children Alana cared for expressed complete confidence in her care...

Alana showed a genuine enthusiasm for her work, and established bonds with all the children she cared for. She has a professional attitude to childcare, and was particularly good at reporting back anything that occurred while the parents were absent. Our children have flourished under her care, and I have no hesitation in recommending her ..."

Les Arcs, French Alps, France


"When Alana started working for me my first child was seven months old ... Alana has watched my second child since he was two weeks old.

Alana is an excellent caregiver who is able to both have fun with the children and discipline them when neccessary. She is very dependable and always on time. She has developed a bond with both children ... I am very sad that Alana will be leaving my family as it is going to be extremely hard, if not impossible to find someone as dedicated and loving as Alana for my two children."

Annapolis, MD, USA


"Alana came to help us transition from a one-child family to two. My youngest was three months old when we hired Alana to work for us for six months while we were in New Zealand. The situation worked out so well for us, Alana stayed on for nearly two years. During her stay with us, the family relocated five times between the United States, New Zealand, and Spain due to my husband's work. Alana was instrumental in making these moves smooth with two children under four. In addition to being very responsible with the children, she is completely adaptable to new situations ...

... once we got to know Alana and see how she interacted with the children, I was continually impressed with the level of attention she gave them. Not only does she care for them, she is constantly aware of how she speaks to them, in front of them, and about them. She has never shown any sign of impatience or frustration and is always thinking of the best solution to any problems. Her genuine interest in children's development speaks volumes about what kind of childcare provider Alana is."

Annapolis, MD, USA