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Terms and Conditions



Thank you for becoming a client of The Nanny Consultants 

  1. Our services are offered in good faith to help you implement practical positive strategies with your children that we would hope leads to improvement in resolution of issues you have raised with us.
  2. Prior to commencing any work for you and with you, we require that you accept and agree to our Terms and Conditions, and Disclaimer documents. Acceptance is acknowledged by completing the client form online, or signing our Terms and Conditions and Disclaimer documents for face to face consultations.
  3. Our Terms and Conditions and Disclaimers may change at any time in the future. We will send you the current (new) documents for you to agree to prior to concluding any further work.
  4. We will make an audio recording of all consultations whether face to face, by telephone, or other means of voice to voice communication via the Internet or mobile telephone networks. We can provide audio copies at your request.
  5.  With your permission we will also make video recordings of some aspects of face to face meetings where this will be of assistance in demonstrating techniques and procedures for working with your children. Where this occurs, copies of these recordings will be made available to you.
  6. We are not medical professionals. Because people with ongoing medical conditions or disabilities may require a completely different approach to achieve improvements;
    1. where an untreated medical condition exists, you agree to, and seek medical treatment prior to us commencing work with you.
    2. We require you advise us of any known medical conditions that may impact on our ability to provide useable techniques and procedures for you, your family or your children.
  7. In face to face consultations, our consultant will be chaparoned by another member of our team.
  8. You agree to restrain or remove all dogs throughout the duration of any consultation or meeting with us at your home.
  9. Payment of invoices must be made in full prior to provision of or at the commencement of services. Payment plans are accepted but full payment must be completed prior to any consultations taking place.